We use our core competence in analog to digital conversion technology to promote healthy lifestyles and give our customers the world’s most advanced tools to precisely gather, analyze, and utilize data from the environment.


We strive for Honmono (authenticity), welcome challenges and are relentless until we deliver solutions.


Hikaru Furukawa, Founder

Remaining true to the vision of A&D’s founder, we will continue to take on new and diverse business challenges through our advanced portfolio of high precision technologies and products that connect the analog with the digital world.


Global Coverage

A&D’s global network of subsidiaries and partners provides our customers with precision solutions to local problems

20+ Companies

in 12 Countries

2000+ Employees


3-23-14 Higashi-Ikebukuro,
Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, 170-0013, Japan

Core Businesses

  • Professional Medical & Home Healthcare
  • Weighing & Measurement
  • Automotive & Aerospace Testing

Quality Policy

“Provide greater value through continuous quality improvement”

  • Manage quality using ISO9001 regional standards
  • Commitment to insuring safe, robust and long-lasting products
  • All issues thoroughly reviewed, catalogued and responded to
  • Quality is our #1 priority to protect the brand & create competitive advantage
  • Our goal:  to quickly detect and correct any problems at an early stage

Discover Precision

  • A&D aspires to develop more accurate measurement technologies through our dedication to precision
  • We will continue to invest in and nurture our research & development capabilities, which form the core of our business and strategy
  • Working together as “One A&D”, we will endeavor to create a global platform for serving our customers, communicating our values, and growing our presence worldwide