A&D Company, Ltd. (Head Office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has released the new UA-1200BLE, a hoseless upper arm blood pressure monitor (Sales Name: A&D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor UA-1200BLE/ Medical Device Certification Number: 301AHBZX00009000) with an integrated main unit and cuff.

As the blood pressure monitor is hoseless and worn on the upper arm, It’s not just convenient for measurement and storage, but is also portable for convenient use when traveling.

In addition, blood pressure measurement data can be managed on a smartphone via Bluetooth communication, so it’s easy to keep track of blood pressure changes in a convenient smartphone application.

Major Features of the Hoseless Upper-arm Blood Pressure Monitor UA-1200BLE

  • Hoseless
    • There is no hose that connects the main unit to the cuff.
    • An upper-arm blood pressure monitor with a portable design, as recommended in the 2019 Hypertension Treatment Guidelines.
    • Portable for convenient use when traveling. Contains a USB rechargeable battery, which does not need to be replaced, even when traveling abroad.
  • Simple and accurate measurement
    • Measurement is performed by just pressing the measurement button after attaching the main unit to the arm.
    • Equipped with an irregular pulse-wave (IHB) detection function for accurate measurement.
    • Automatically detects body motion and loose cuff attachment during measurement to support accurate measurement.

Major Features of the A&D Medical CONNECT Mobile Medical Application

  • Blood pressure monitor operation via an application
    • Intuitive operation allows for more personal blood pressure measurement.
  • Measurement data management with a smartphone
    • Device setting, measurement, measurement recording, and data sharing can all be performed using a single smartphone.
    • Eliminates the need for writing instruments and handwritten blood pressure logs. Measurement records can be managed on a smartphone.
    • Up to five smartphones can be registered to one UA-1200BLE. Health management can become more enjoyable by measuring your entire family together. During measurement, the name of the person being measured is displayed on the main unit.
    • Using a smartphone function, it’s possible for blood pressure measurement reports to be printed, emailed, or shared via social network, so your data can be easily shared with your family and physician.

UA-1200BLE Product Page

On February 19th, it was announced at a joint press conference that A&D Company Ltd. and Tanita Co. Ltd., have formed a business A&D Company, Ltd. (Head Office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has announced that it has formed a business with Tanita Company, Ltd. (Head Office: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Senri Tanida) in the field of health measurement equipment.

Objectives and Overview of this Business Partnership

By leveraging A&D’s main strengths in blood pressure monitors and other medical technologies and products, along with Tanita’s strengths in non-disease and preventative health technologies and products, we plan to create new, high-value-added products and services, and expand the healthcare businesses of both companies.

Specifically, A&D will provide its commercial blood pressure monitors to Tanita, and Tanita will supply its commercial body composition monitors with automatic height measurement to A&D as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

In the OEM provision process, the “Tanita Algorithm*”, Tanita’s core technology for measuring body composition will be provided to A&D, enabling interconnection between the devices of both companies.

As a result, this will accelerate the speed of development for new products, and both companies will be able to increase their product lines in areas where they are strong.

This partnership is not only the first of its kind in the healthcare industry, but we hope that it’s also the first step towards standardization of body composition measurement technology, which will benefit many users.

*Tanita Algorithm
Many of the household body composition monitors in current widespread use utilize the bioimpedance analysis (BIA) measurement technique. The BIA method runs a weak current through the body, and from the electrical resistance value it obtains, along with other factors such as body weight, height, gender, and age, it performs statistical regression analysis to estimate body composition, such as body fat percentage and muscle quantity. The formula used in this statistical regression analysis is the algorithm. This is the core technology that determines the accuracy of body composition monitors, and is independently developed by each manufacturer.
The Tanita Algorithm was developed by collecting more than 15,000 examples of biometric data in Japan and overseas since 1992, when Tanita released the world’s body fat monitor that could perform measurement by only being stood upon. This algorithm achieves a high correlation with the gold standard for body composition measurement. It is also used in medical fields, and has been adopted for use in more than 200 academic conference presentations.

Background of Body Composition Measurement Standardization

The healthcare industry is undergoing structural reforms, with a variety of industries entering the market with the aim of expanding the market in the future. This partnership aims to anticipate these structural reforms, increase competitiveness in the market, and provide highly convenient health measurement equipment to users.

First, A&D plans to introduce its first use of the “Tanita Algorithm” in the “UC-421BLE”, a home-use body composition monitor that includes a communication function, which is planned for launch in the summer.

Until this point, body composition monitors have all been equipped with proprietary algorithms for each manufacturer, so measurement values differed from manufacturer to manufacturer. This kind of manufacturer-driven approach not only reduces the convenience for users, but can also be an obstacle in the promotion of “Data Health”, the centralized management of medical and health data.

Going forward, A&D and Tanita plan to solve these challenges by selling body composition monitors that incorporate a shared algorithm, and by establishing technical standards for body composition measurement that originate in Japan, which we expect to enhance competitiveness in overseas markets as well.

Health Measurement Equipment to be Sold by A&D due to this Business Partnership

  • Body composition monitor with automatic height measurement AD-6551 (equipped with the Tanita Algorithm)
    1. High-speed measurement of about 10 seconds
    2. Can be linked with other systems (includes 2 output ports; USB and RS232C)
    3. Extensive body of evidence
  • Home-use body composition monitor with communication function UC-421BLE
    1. Measures body weight in 50 g increments
    2. Automatically recognizes the user and starts measurement
    3. Transfers measurement data to a smartphone or PC using Bluetooth communication
    4. Displays results using different colored LEDs for up to 5 registered users.

Joint Press Conference Regarding this Business Partnership

Date and time: Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 3:30 PM (JST)

Venue: Conference Square M+ “Grand” (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)