A&D Company, Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has added an option for a package seal overlap inspection function to the AD-4991 series/PROTEX series X-ray inspection system. This function contributes to the HACCP management system, which will be implemented from June 2020.

Background Regarding Requests for a Package Seal Overlap Inspection Function

If a product being sealed in a package is caught in the seal, the product’s seal will not be airtight, and quality will not be able to be maintained.

For this reason, there are some users who must utilize a lot of time and effort performing pre-shipment visual inspections to check for seal overlaps.

However, visual checks leave room for worry on some production lines, as some types of packaging don’t allow for the product inside to be seen, and the overlaps cannot be detected with optical cameras or photoelectric sensors.

A&D Package Seal Overlap Inspection Function

A new package seal overlap inspection function has been added as an option to the A&D brand AD-4991 Series/PROTEX series of X-ray inspection systems.

Main Features of the AD-4991 Series and PROTEX Series

  • Most compact system on the market.
  • Simple GUI with a 15” color touchscreen provides for easy operation
  • Quick and stable product setup
  • Comes standard with contaminant detection, shape, counting, positioning and mass estimation inspections capabilities.
  • Suitable for use in HACCP program
  • Easy cleaning and replacment with quick release belt and curtains
  • Stainless and sloped surfaces minimize water collection and maximize cleanability.
  • Safety sensors are embedded at access points to provide additional safeguards against X-ray exposure.

AD-4991 Product Page

A&D Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director and President, Yasunobu Morishima) has launched the HW-CEP/HV-CEP series of intrinsically safe, explosion-proof digital platform scales that can be used in type 0 to type 2 hazardous locations, including factories.

Key Features of the HW-CEP/HV-CEP Series

  • Affordable selection of capacities and readabilities for excellent explosion protection
  • High-speed measurement—response within 1 second (for the HV-CEP series)*1
  • Multi-colored 5-step LED comparator lights
  • Auto-tare and negative comparison functions realizing “take-away” check weighing
  • Highly-visible, LCD display (26 mm character height) with white backlight
  • Quick and easy settings using the alphanumeric keypad
  • Key lock function to prevent operators from making changes to the scale settings
  • IP65 dust & waterproof base unit with a stainless steel (SUS430) pan
  • Adjustable response characteristics depending on the degree of drafts and vibrations at the location
  • Display hold function
  • Counting mode function
  • Accumulation (M+) function
  • Approx. 1,500 hours of operation with four D batteries*2
  • Auto power OFF function to save battery power
  • Display angle adjustable to five levels

*1 Time required for the last digit to settle (the stabilization mark will be lit one second after), which is subject to the weighing environment, response characteristic setting and how the target object is placed. With the HW-CEP series, response typically takes not more than 1.5 seconds.
*2 With LED and backlight OFF (or approx. 1,000 hours with LED and backlight ON). The batteries to be used are specified: DURACELL MN1300, ENERGIZER E95, or Panasonic LR20 (XJ).

Main Specifications

Capacity3 kg6 kg15 kg15 kg30 kg60 kg60 kg150 kg220 kg
Readability0.001 kg0.002 kg0.005 kg0.005 kg0.01 kg0.02 kg0.02 kg0.05 kg0.1 kg
Weighing pan250 mm × 250 mm330 mm × 424 mm390 mm × 530 mm
Capacity10 kg60 kg100 kg220 kg
Readability0.001 kg0.005 kg0.01 kg0.02 kg
Weighing pan250 mm × 250 mm330 mm × 424 mm390 mm × 530 mm

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A&D Company, Ltd. (Head Office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has released the new UA-1200BLE, a hoseless upper arm blood pressure monitor (Sales Name: A&D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor UA-1200BLE/ Medical Device Certification Number: 301AHBZX00009000) with an integrated main unit and cuff.

As the blood pressure monitor is hoseless and worn on the upper arm, It’s not just convenient for measurement and storage, but is also portable for convenient use when traveling.

In addition, blood pressure measurement data can be managed on a smartphone via Bluetooth communication, so it’s easy to keep track of blood pressure changes in a convenient smartphone application.

Major Features of the Hoseless Upper-arm Blood Pressure Monitor UA-1200BLE

  • Hoseless
    • There is no hose that connects the main unit to the cuff.
    • An upper-arm blood pressure monitor with a portable design, as recommended in the 2019 Hypertension Treatment Guidelines.
    • Portable for convenient use when traveling. Contains a USB rechargeable battery, which does not need to be replaced, even when traveling abroad.
  • Simple and accurate measurement
    • Measurement is performed by just pressing the measurement button after attaching the main unit to the arm.
    • Equipped with an irregular pulse-wave (IHB) detection function for accurate measurement.
    • Automatically detects body motion and loose cuff attachment during measurement to support accurate measurement.

Major Features of the A&D Medical CONNECT Mobile Medical Application

  • Blood pressure monitor operation via an application
    • Intuitive operation allows for more personal blood pressure measurement.
  • Measurement data management with a smartphone
    • Device setting, measurement, measurement recording, and data sharing can all be performed using a single smartphone.
    • Eliminates the need for writing instruments and handwritten blood pressure logs. Measurement records can be managed on a smartphone.
    • Up to five smartphones can be registered to one UA-1200BLE. Health management can become more enjoyable by measuring your entire family together. During measurement, the name of the person being measured is displayed on the main unit.
    • Using a smartphone function, it’s possible for blood pressure measurement reports to be printed, emailed, or shared via social network, so your data can be easily shared with your family and physician.

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A&D Company, Ltd. (headquarters: Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has converted the RS-232C output for weighing instruments to Modbus RTU (RS-485), and released the AD-8551R, a Modbus converter that allows up to 31 weighing instruments to be connected to a PLC and other devices by multidrop.

Main Features of the AD-8551R Modbus Converter

  • A converter that converts RS-232C communication from electronic balances and scales into RS-485 communication
  • With RS-485, weighing data collection and management can be performed for up to 31 units can be performed on a single host device, such as a PLC or PC..
  • Compact and attachable to a DIN rail
  • Re-zero (zero-reset) processing for the weighing instrument can be can be performed from a PLC.
  • In the RS-485 communication method, communication by Modbus RTU (Modbus RTU mode) or communication by ASCII code commands (command mode) can be selected.

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A&D Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Toshima Ward, Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has launched the new “BM-5” and “BM-5D” micro electronic balances, which allow for high-precision weighing from 1μg and are ideal for pre-processing, such as element analysis and mass analysis.
Both have a 5.2g weighing capacity, and are equipped with a windless ionizer as a countermeasure against static electricity, and a desktop breeze break (M) as standard.

Main Features of the “BM-5” and “BM-5D” Micro Balances

  • BM-5 (Single-Range Model/High-Performance Series)
    • Top micro electronic balance model made by A&D
    • Weighing capacity of 5.2g, minimum display of 0.001mg (1μg)
    • 1g repeatability within the weighing capacity, with a standard deviation of 0.0012mg (1.2μg)
    • Minimum weighing value of 2.0mg, in accordance with the 2.0mg minimum weighing value listed in Chapter 41 of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP)
  • BM-5D (Smart Range Model/Basic Series)
    • Weighing capacity of 5.2g, minimum display (from 2.1g) 0.001mg (1μg) / (from 5.2g) 0.01mg (10μg)
    • 1g repeatability within the weighing capacity, with a standard deviation of 0.004mg (4μg)
    • Minimum weighing value of 5.0mg
    • Even if a tare weight that exceeds the precision range weighing capacity is used, weighing within the precision range (minimum display of 0.001mg) is possible
  • Features shared by BM-5/BM-5D
    • Equipped with a direct-current windless ionizer for electrostatic discharge as standard (patented)
    • Equipped with a desktop breeze break (M) as standard
    • For anti-static purposes, a conductive glass made of metallic film is utilized for the breeze break
    • A weighing pan that uses a latticed filter, which is less susceptible to breezes, is included as standard.
    • Includes a backlit LCD display that increases visibility and reduces eye fatigue
    • A cross-slide door that allows for both hands to be used to improve performance.
    • Built-in calibration weight
    • A password function is provided as a security measure.
    • Performance evaluation in the installation environment is possible using AND-MEET, a weighing environment evaluation tool.

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A&D Company, Ltd. (Head Office: Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has launched the AD-1676 tabletop breeze break (M) for micro and semi-micro (0.01mg) electronic balances.

Main Features of the AD-1676 Desktop Breeze Break (M)

  • For micro and semi-micro (0.01mg) electronic balances
  • Significantly reduces weight value error due to ambient air convection around the balance
  • Solves the problem of electronic balance measuring errors caused by wind and drafts from air conditioners and/or human movement
  • Anti-static resin on transparent panels reduces the effects of static electricity
  • Holes installed on the back panel to run cables for the AC adapter and communication cables.
  • Sliding doors on both the left and right sides

A&D Electronic Balances that Support the AD-1676 Desktop Breeze Break (M)

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