A&D Company, Ltd. (Head Office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has released the new UA-1200BLE, a hoseless upper arm blood pressure monitor (Sales Name: A&D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor UA-1200BLE/ Medical Device Certification Number: 301AHBZX00009000) with an integrated main unit and cuff.

As the blood pressure monitor is hoseless and worn on the upper arm, It’s not just convenient for measurement and storage, but is also portable for convenient use when traveling.

In addition, blood pressure measurement data can be managed on a smartphone via Bluetooth communication, so it’s easy to keep track of blood pressure changes in a convenient smartphone application.

Major Features of the Hoseless Upper-arm Blood Pressure Monitor UA-1200BLE

  • Hoseless
    • There is no hose that connects the main unit to the cuff.
    • An upper-arm blood pressure monitor with a portable design, as recommended in the 2019 Hypertension Treatment Guidelines.
    • Portable for convenient use when traveling. Contains a USB rechargeable battery, which does not need to be replaced, even when traveling abroad.
  • Simple and accurate measurement
    • Measurement is performed by just pressing the measurement button after attaching the main unit to the arm.
    • Equipped with an irregular pulse-wave (IHB) detection function for accurate measurement.
    • Automatically detects body motion and loose cuff attachment during measurement to support accurate measurement.

Major Features of the A&D Medical CONNECT Mobile Medical Application

  • Blood pressure monitor operation via an application
    • Intuitive operation allows for more personal blood pressure measurement.
  • Measurement data management with a smartphone
    • Device setting, measurement, measurement recording, and data sharing can all be performed using a single smartphone.
    • Eliminates the need for writing instruments and handwritten blood pressure logs. Measurement records can be managed on a smartphone.
    • Up to five smartphones can be registered to one UA-1200BLE. Health management can become more enjoyable by measuring your entire family together. During measurement, the name of the person being measured is displayed on the main unit.
    • Using a smartphone function, it’s possible for blood pressure measurement reports to be printed, emailed, or shared via social network, so your data can be easily shared with your family and physician.

UA-1200BLE Product Page

A&D Co., Ltd. (head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yasunobu Morishima) was certified as an “Excellent Health and Productivity Management Corporation” under the Excellent Health and Productivity Management Corporation Certification Program sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council) on March 2, 2020.

Excellent Health and Productivity Management Corporation Certification Program

(Excerpt from the METI website)

The Excellent Health and Productivity Management Certification System identifies large and small to medium-sized businesses that practice particularly good health and productivity management based on local health challenges and efforts to promote health through the Japan Health Council.

The main goal of providing visibility to corporations that are involved in health and productivity management is to create an environment in which “corporations that consider employee health and productivity management from a managerial point of view, and tackle it strategically” can be socially evaluated by employees, job seekers, affiliated companies, financial institutions, and others.

*Health and Productivity Management (Kenkokeiei) is a registered trademark of Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei (NPO Institute for Health and Productivity Management Research).

Initiatives by A&D Company, Ltd.

As a manufacturer of measurement, weighing, and medical equipment, A&D Company, Ltd. engages in health management based on the belief that it is important for all employees to be both physically and mentally healthy in order to provide products that support the health of customers.

With this certification, A&D will continue to promote the further improvement of employee health, and make further efforts to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for our employees.

Declaration of Health and Productivity Management at A&D Company, Ltd.

In order to realize the stated management philosophy of A&D Company, Ltd., A&D declares the intention to create a work environment that allows each employee to maximize his or her own abilities and health by actively supporting employee health maintenance and improvement activities, as well as promoting organizational health and productivity improvement measures.