A&D Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Toshima Ward, Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has launched the new AD-4976 series of metal detectors, which are capable of detecting foreign metallic matter in food with a high level of sensitivity by taking advantage of a variety of features, such as multi-frequency support, and further increases the lineup of metal detectors that comply with the HACCP management system, which will be implemented from June 2020.

Key Features of AD-4976 Series Metal Detectors

  • Multi-frequency support
  • Compatible with dry products, wet products, aluminum vapor deposition packages, and packages containing oxygen absorbents (optional)
  • Improved resistance to inverter noise
  • Improved vibration resistance
  • Noise disturbance visualization function
  • No need for warm up
  • Sensor head can be purchased separately
  • Easy operation due to the 7-inch color touch panel display
  • Washable and waterproof IP66 rated enclosure
  • Products can be inspected in 10 groups, with up to 100 products registered in each group
  • Images can be downloaded from a USB flash drive.

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