A&D Company, Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has added an option for a package seal overlap inspection function to the AD-4991 series/PROTEX series X-ray inspection system. This function contributes to the HACCP management system, which will be implemented from June 2020.

Background Regarding Requests for a Package Seal Overlap Inspection Function

If a product being sealed in a package is caught in the seal, the product’s seal will not be airtight, and quality will not be able to be maintained.

For this reason, there are some users who must utilize a lot of time and effort performing pre-shipment visual inspections to check for seal overlaps.

However, visual checks leave room for worry on some production lines, as some types of packaging don’t allow for the product inside to be seen, and the overlaps cannot be detected with optical cameras or photoelectric sensors.

A&D Package Seal Overlap Inspection Function

A new package seal overlap inspection function has been added as an option to the A&D brand AD-4991 Series/PROTEX series of X-ray inspection systems.

Main Features of the AD-4991 Series and PROTEX Series

  • Most compact system on the market.
  • Simple GUI with a 15” color touchscreen provides for easy operation
  • Quick and stable product setup
  • Comes standard with contaminant detection, shape, counting, positioning and mass estimation inspections capabilities.
  • Suitable for use in HACCP program
  • Easy cleaning and replacment with quick release belt and curtains
  • Stainless and sloped surfaces minimize water collection and maximize cleanability.
  • Safety sensors are embedded at access points to provide additional safeguards against X-ray exposure.

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