A&D Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Toshima Ward, Representative Director and President: Yasunobu Morishima) has launched the new “BM-5” and “BM-5D” micro electronic balances, which allow for high-precision weighing from 1μg and are ideal for pre-processing, such as element analysis and mass analysis.
Both have a 5.2g weighing capacity, and are equipped with a windless ionizer as a countermeasure against static electricity, and a desktop breeze break (M) as standard.

Main Features of the “BM-5” and “BM-5D” Micro Balances

  • BM-5 (Single-Range Model/High-Performance Series)
    • Top micro electronic balance model made by A&D
    • Weighing capacity of 5.2g, minimum display of 0.001mg (1μg)
    • 1g repeatability within the weighing capacity, with a standard deviation of 0.0012mg (1.2μg)
    • Minimum weighing value of 2.0mg, in accordance with the 2.0mg minimum weighing value listed in Chapter 41 of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP)
  • BM-5D (Smart Range Model/Basic Series)
    • Weighing capacity of 5.2g, minimum display (from 2.1g) 0.001mg (1μg) / (from 5.2g) 0.01mg (10μg)
    • 1g repeatability within the weighing capacity, with a standard deviation of 0.004mg (4μg)
    • Minimum weighing value of 5.0mg
    • Even if a tare weight that exceeds the precision range weighing capacity is used, weighing within the precision range (minimum display of 0.001mg) is possible
  • Features shared by BM-5/BM-5D
    • Equipped with a direct-current windless ionizer for electrostatic discharge as standard (patented)
    • Equipped with a desktop breeze break (M) as standard
    • For anti-static purposes, a conductive glass made of metallic film is utilized for the breeze break
    • A weighing pan that uses a latticed filter, which is less susceptible to breezes, is included as standard.
    • Includes a backlit LCD display that increases visibility and reduces eye fatigue
    • A cross-slide door that allows for both hands to be used to improve performance.
    • Built-in calibration weight
    • A password function is provided as a security measure.
    • Performance evaluation in the installation environment is possible using AND-MEET, a weighing environment evaluation tool.

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